Thoughts: The Night Circus

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The Night Circus – Erin Morgenstern // Thoughts from just over half-way through (non-spoiler)

As the title suggests I am currently reading The Night Circus by Erin Morgenstern. I had seen this book splashed across bookstagram, booktube, the top 100 shelf in bookstores and on blogs, and it made me extremely curious. With a beautiful cover, promise of intrigue, and gorgeous writing I was hooked. I also managed to pick it up (in excellent condition) from a thrift store in Tasmania for $3!!

Firstly, the writing: it is undeniably beautiful. It is the kind of writing that hooks you and pulls you headlong into the story where everything is so vivid, and so magical. Descriptions galore, it is rich and densely packed, no detail is to small. For me, I love this kind of writing, I love being able to see and feel the story and the characters, although I can see how it could be too much for someone who prefers more simplistic (not in a bad way) writing. If I were to write like this in my writing class I think that I would be told to ‘kill my darlings’ and cut 50% of the story out – but screw that, I am always here for the PRETTY WORDS.

The plot: I won’t deny that it is quite slow and tends to jump around the place. I would also warn you to make sure that you read the chapter heading with the time/place otherwise you will get very lost and possibly read the entire story and finish it wandering what the hell just happened. I am struggling a bit to keep track of how old everyone is and how much time has passed but I don’t mind the slower pace too much. It is relaxing and best read with a cuppa and time to fully immerse yourself.

The characters: I haven’t particularly connected per say with any individual characters but they are all interesting, complex, and detailed in their own way. They’re odd and magical and different which is excellent. They also have lovely names (names are integral to my enjoyment of a book).

Overall: I’m only just over half-way but I’m enjoying it and I’m looking forward to it potentially picking up the pace for a climax, but I am also content to cruise along and enjoy the delicious language.

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