OTP Book Tag!

(Tag created by Kirsten Reads on Youtube)


I love watching book-tubers do all different kinds of tags and I was always a little bummed that I couldn’t do them myself. However, it recently occurred to me that I could also do some tags on my blog! What a break-through right? It’s not like people do tags on Instagram and their blogs all the time! Anyway,  I figured the OTP book tag was a fun one to begin with. I have also included a few TV OTPs throughout, but I haven’t actively thought about all my favourite TV couples, only the ones that seemed to fit well. It’s predominantly books with a few TV OTPs scattered throughout. I also want to say that I am using the term ‘OTP’ loosely in this sense, as in I ship them, but they’re not all my absolutely favourites.

Pick an unpopular OTP that you ship: This is a difficult one, and I’m not sure that my answer entirely fits the question but it was the closest I could get. It is Chaol x Celaena from Throne of Glass, not to be confused with Chaol x Aelin, because I feel like both of their characters did a 360 in the third/fourth books and were no longer the same people. I hated how Chaol was treated in Heir of Fire + Queen of Shadows, and I am not a fan of Rowan or this series in general.
ALSO not necessarily a hugely unpopular OTP, but certainly the less raved about of the two couples, is Jem x Tessa from The Infernal Devices!! Jem is an absolutely angel, and as much as I love Will x Tessa, Jem made me cry and he is such a gorgeous soul.

Pick an OTP that you didn’t ship at first but do now: I’m usually pretty on board from the get-go or if I’m not then I’ll stick by not shipping them for forever. The only one I can think of is Simon x Isabelle from The Mortal Instruments. I didn’t really see it in the first couple of books but I adored them by the end of the series.

Pick your most hated NOTP: Rowan x Aelin maybe? Although I’m not entirely certain whether my dislike just stems from disliking the entire series? In saying that, I did find their relationship to be very surface level. I understood them as friends in Heir of Fire and I think that it should have stayed that way!

Pick an OTP that took waaaaay too long to get together: I’m a fan of slow-burn romances so I don’t usually have too much of an issue with this! I can’t for the life of me think of anyone!

Pick your favourite non-canon OTP: Probably Hermione x Malfoy who I only realised I shipped when I discovered fan-fiction and the world of Dramione. I don’t think I even considered it when I was reading Harry Potter, but that was likely because I was young and didn’t care about romance in the slightest. I did have a crush on Tom Felton (Draco Malfoy) though so the fact that I ship this isn’t really surprising.

Pick your favourite BROTP:
The entire Raven Boys gang (The Raven Cycle) – who doesn’t want to be a part of this group? I love their loyalty, their support, and the way they love each other unapologetically.
Karou x Zuzanna (Daughter of Smoke and Bone) – a kick-ass, unapologetic female friendship without jealously or boys getting in the way, or any other ridiculous trope that tends to tear female friendships apart in YA novels. These two are two of my favourite characters ever period, and as pals they are just amazing.
Harry x Hermione (Harry Potter) – These two are absolute gems, and I love that they supported each other and had an amazing platonic friendship throughout the entire series.
Cassian x Azriel x Rhysand (A Court of Mist and Fury) – I just love their fierce loyalty and how well they all know and understand each other.
Jem x Will (The Infernal Devices) – These two destroy me. I re-read this series a little while ago and I was so emotional. They are SO loyal and loving and I just cannot think about them without becoming emotionally compromised.

Pick an OTP you adored in the books, but not as much in the movie/tv adaptation: I found that Clary x Jace in Shadowhunters didn’t have a whole lot of chemistry in the first season, although they’re growing on me!

Pick a popular OTP that no matter how hard you tried, you cannot ship: Rowan x Aelin although I didn’t try that hard (I’M SORRY).

Pick your favourite LGBT+ OTP:
Magnus x Alec (The Mortal Instruments) – I wish they had more of a central role in the books, but what we did get was wonderful. I love them and their complexities, and the journey that they go on in their relationship. I am also thrilled that they are so prominent in the TV adaptation and that we get little snippets about them in The Dark Artifices!
Adam x Ronan (The Raven Cycle)  – I NEED MORE. Their slow-burn was glorious and I love them both so much individually, and so all the more together. They are beautiful and I miss them.
Nomi x Amanita (Sense8, TV) – Not a book couple, but a beautiful couple nonetheless. I just loved that Nomi being a sense8 wasn’t used as a tool in which to screw with their relationship, instead Amanita believed her, supported her, and became freakin integral in helping the sense8’s. LOVE.

Pick your all time favourite OTPs:
Magnus x Alec (The Mortal Instruments) – Read Above
Adam x Ronan (The Raven Cycle) – Read Above
Cress x Thorne (The Lunar Chronicles) – These two are the sweetest and I absolutely love how their relationship developed. I like that even though Cress was immediately infatuated, it still felt natural and her feelings became real, not imagined etc.
Elizabeth Bennet x Mr Darcy – I just love the original enemies to lovers trope, what can I say?
Kaz x Inej – SO EMOTIONAL. They barely even kissed and they still broke me. They are complex and incredibly interesting/layered/flawed characters and that made their relationship even more realistic & interesting.
Jon Snow x Ygritte (GOT, TV) – They had more screen-time in the TV show and I just loved them. Amazing chemistry and such a heart-breaking story.
Blue x Gansey  (The Raven Cycle) – Oh Bluesy, so angsty and sweet and wonderful. A boy obsessed with welsh kings, and a psychic’s daughter with no actual powers. AH.
Puck x Sean (The Scorpio Races) – so whimsical and wonderful. I love that they didn’t communicate through long, soppy dialogues and longing looks. They felt real and deep and this story is my favourite.
Aragorn x Arwen (LOTR, Movie) – the original OTP. I love them, I love Aragorn. I love that he wore her necklace and that she gave up long-life for him and THAT SCENE at the end AH.

I’d love to see/do more tags, let me know of any good ones!

Cass xx


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