Annotating my bookshelf!

I’ve always been a little self-conscious of my bookshelf and so I’ve never actually posted a ‘shelfie’. This feeling comes from my belief that my bookshelf doesn’t accurately reflect me, nor my reading habits. I’ve gotten over this a little more as I’ve collected more books and culled those that I know I will never pick up again. However, that feeling still remains because I’ve borrowed so many books and had to return them, and there are so many books that I want to collect that I haven’t! However, I decided to just get on with it and do a little post on my shelves! I always love looking at other people’s bookshelves and I thought it was time I sucked it up and let the world see them.

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Bookshelf #1

This is the top of my big bookshelf. The books sitting precariously on top are mainly there because they are too tall to fit in my other shelves, and the little Evernight box set gets it’s place simply because it is the only box set that I own and I needed it as a bookend. The shelf below has the opposite problem – it is too tiny for most of my books, hence those shelved there are the smallest in my collection. There’s quite a few unread books taking up space on this shelf; Anne of Green Gables, Anne Frank, The Secret History, and some random beaten up classics that I picked up second-hand. The next shelf is one of my favourites; my Shadowhunters books, my incredible second-hand set of Harry Potter books which are in PRIME condition (they are my treasured possessions) and a couple of other favourites; Truthwitch + Six of Crows. 

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This third shelf down is also one of my favourites. It features my favourite author Maggie Stiefvater and a hard-cover copy of The Raven Boys that I picked up second-hand for $3!!!! Also some Kate Forsyth, my favourite historical fiction author (I’ve only read one book but I’m pretty confident), and my fav Daughter of Smoke and Bone trilogy! The horizontal stack features my Jane Austen books, of which I have only read Pride and Prejudice, but I am determined to get to Emma soon.
The shelf below is where things start to get a little mis-matched. I’ve got a few hardbacks and the wonderful Book Thief by Markus Zusak alongside quite a few unread books which I mostly picked up second-hand. Of those unread I really want to get to The Kite Runner, I am Malala, Wolf Hall, and The White Princess soon! Beside them we have the Throne of Glass series which got relegated down a shelf after I began to get sick of it. I’m not sure that I’ll finish the series, but from what I’ve heard about Tower of Dawn, I might end up picking that up at least, in the future!

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These last two shelves of my main shelf are pretty much just randomly placed! Some I’m pretty neutral about, some I didn’t love, and others just unfortunately landed on these shelves! There’s also a fair chunk of unread books sitting amongst these. Those I’m disappointed in include: The Winners Trilogy by Marie Rutkowski and The Divergent Trilogy by Veronica Roth (I loved the first book and still really appreciate it). Some of the unread books include The Bone Season, Boy Lost, The Twelve, The Help, Room and a couple of others. In saying that, there are a couple of books I really enjoyed on this shelf including; The Princess Bride, The Fault in Our Stars, The Host, Summer Skin and Before I Fall. 
The bottom shelf is basically a mixture of demoted/books I don’t really care for and library books/books I’ve borrowed. The books I’ve borrowed are all the Maria V. Snyder books (I enjoyed the Poison Study trilogy and have yet to read the rest), Best of Me (which I have no intention of reading), and Beautiful Creatures which I began and DNF’d within a few pages. Besides the books I have notebooks and folders with writing and uni information among various other bits and pieces!

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bookshelf #2

This is a mini three-shelf space above my desk. My dad built both my big bookshelf and this amazing desk/shelf which I absolutely adore! On the top shelf of this one I have cook-books and non-fiction books. Some are textbooks that I’ve accumulated through university: The Professional Writing Guide, Literature Criticism and Theory, How to Read a Poem, Introduction to Gender and Women’s Studies and Staying Alive. The others are simply ones that interest me! My mum bought me Speeches that Changed the World when I was studying Rhetoric, both my parents bought me The Best Australian Bush Stories when they were travelling, and I picked up Women Who Run With The Wolves at a bookfest for a couple of dollars.
Below that I’ve got a stack of Margaret Atwood books, most of which I picked up at one bookfest this year, and a scattering of other more ‘classic’ books. Of the Margaret Atwood books I’ve only read The Handmaid’s Tale but I plan on reading Alias Grace soon. I’m not sure when I’ll get to the two Dickens books Oliver Twist and A Tale of Two Cities but I’d like to think that I could get through them now, despite having trouble a few years ago.

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Finally I have the third shelf on my mini bookcase which is just a little shelf right above the desk section which can only fit smaller books. Out of these I’ve read The Song of Achilles, part of Sherlock Holmes, The Hobbit, and Eating Animals. I really like how they all look together though and I like that they’re all small reads that I could breeze through in a day or so. This shelf will also include my Lord of the Rings trilogy once the final two books arrive in the next week or so!

Let me know if you see any of your favourites, or have some suggestions as to book I have to add to my shelves! I’d also love to see your shelves so if you’ve made a post before, be sure to link me to it! I find looking at shelves so exciting!

Cass xx



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