Book Review: Strange the Dreamer by Laini Taylor

One of my favourite reads of 2017, I thought it was time that I shared some of my thoughts on this delicious new series by one of my favourite authors, Laini Taylor. Prepare for a whole lot of moon-eyed rambles.

Strange the Dreamer follows dreamer and nose-stuck-in-a-book librarian Lazlo Strange who practically lives within the walls of the library he works in, and has more knowledge than anyone of the lost city of WeepMany believe Weep to be a myth, and Lazlo’s fascination with it to be ridiculous, yet when a group of people from the city itself march into town, they are forced to believe the unbelievable. The visitors from Weep are on a mission to enlist people from all over the world, with varying skillsets, to aid them in an unknown cause. Enthralled and curious, the chosen go, and Lazlo, unable to pass up a chance to visit the very place where his dreams have always lived, manages to secure himself a place. Strange the Dreamer is about their journey to Weepabout discovering the terrible horrors that linger within the once fairytale-like city, whose name was never really Weep. It is also about the Muse of Nightmares, about Sarai, the blue-skinned girl who lives in isolation with her fellow god-spawn, unable to reveal her existence to the city of Weep. She is feared and fearful, powerful and powerless.

This is a story of grey, of the shaded area between good and evil, of mistakes and of their horrifying consequences. This is a story about a boy and a girl and of dreams that can be made together. As always Laini Taylor’s writing is stunning, and original and almost tangible. If you aren’t into lovingly crafted description, of detail that is on the brink of being too much, then this book probably isn’t for you. The plot meanders and flows carefully and it lingers. I personally adored it, but I can completely understand that there are those who will get stuck somewhere in the middle and wish that it moved a little faster. Either way, if you haven’t picked this up I recommend you give it a go. It is so rich, and the story is just breath-taking.

I am desperate for the second book.

Cass xx


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