Favourite thrifted clothes: Summer edition

Aside from reading, one of my favourite hobbies is to go thrift shopping. Now, you may ask – can shopping really be a ‘hobby’? Is that not just justifying unnecessary purchases? To this my answer is: no! Maybe I’m just biased, but I also believe that thrift shopping is more than just a trip to get new clothes. Thrifting is an extremely creative experience that forces you to think outside the box and take a few risks. It is also extremely inexpensive and feel-good as everything you purchase is pre-loved and therefore recycled. Over the years I’ve steadily built a wardrobe that is mostly thrifted and these items are some of my most loved and worn pieces. Since I want to expand this blog a little bit and explore bits and pieces aside from books, I decided to put together this little post. These are a few of my favourite summer items that I have thrifted over the years. I also have a tonne of Winter stuff that I probably love even more, so keep your eyes out for that post when Winter comes around (in Australia).

Now, to begin I’d also like to add a little disclaimer and apology. I’m no model nor photographer and my options were pretty limited so please accept the mediocre photos!

To begin, one of my most well-worn items. These jeans, while not always the most flattering (not that it should matter), are THE comfiest jeans I have ever worn. They are perfect for all kinds of weather and you don’t have squeeze yourself into them or be unable to bend your knees while you wear them. These probably cost me around $6 and I wear them to bits. My top isn’t thrifted and neither is my belt BUT the belt is one of my mum’s old ones so it’s still second-hand. You can also find plenty of belts similar to this in second-hand stores.


This next outfit is entirely thrifted aside from the fake burks. This top was just from an everyday store and it is such a good basic. I’m a huge fan of stripes (as you will see), and I just really loved the colours in this one. It’s also very wearable in terms of material and would be super easy to layer up in the cooler months. I wear this one with jeans frequently. The overalls are a little different as I picked them up from a vintage (still second-hand) store. I don’t usually come across overalls in general thrift stores, but they’re super easy to find in vintage places. These are very comfortable and perfect for beach adventures or general outings. I think the shirt was about $5 and the overalls ended up being $30-40 I believe – because they were from a proper vintage place.


Processed with VSCO with t1 preset

The only outfit not featuring denim, are these groovy flares. I absolutely LOVE popping these on at night with a T-shirt tied at the front or a simple crop like the one pictured. I also plan on wearing them in Autumn with little heeled black boots and a denim vest or jacket! They are made of a slightly stretchy fabric which means they are extremely comfy and don’t cling awkwardly to your body.

Processed with VSCO with t1 preset

This next outfit is also entirely thrifted, even this adorable bag which has become my everyday favourite! It is leather though, and while I don’t buy new leather or support the industry, I don’t see a problem with buying second-hand leather as it means that product is not going to waste. It was supposed to be $15 but I got it for about $8! This pinafore is a little shorter than I usually wear (I am a serial cross-legged and open-legged sitter), but I couldn’t resist it! It’s so cute and such a good find for only about $8. I especially love wearing it to the beach or on breakfast dates with friends. The top is just another super cute stripey basic that I couldn’t resist – I love the orange/brown detail on the neckline and sleeves.


Processed with VSCO with t1 preset

Finally, we have one of my ‘original’ finds. This skort was very much a spontaneous buy that has truly paid off. When I first bought it, I loved how it looked but I was plagued by the thought that ‘skorts were not IN’. I am SO glad that I ignored that ridiculous voice and picked it up anyway. That voice no longer takes up any space in my mind thankfully. While I don’t wear this skort as much as I used to (only because I’ve very much become a pant-lady), I still love it and it’s still such a staple in my wardrobe.


I’d love to hear your thoughts on this post, and whether or not you’re interested in this sort of thing! I had so much fun making this and my mind is already filled with all the other outfits I could create with my other thrifted gear!

Cas xx


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