Hey there!

My name is Cassie and this is just a little blog about books, writing, and other related bits and bobs, often accompanied by plants (hence the leaf). I’m 20 years old and currently studying a dual degree in Communications and Arts in Brisbane, Australia. I’m a big fan of reading (duh), writing (well yes, you did mention something about that…), fur-creatures (I have two dogs who I love to pieces and who will likely sneak their way into my posts), being outdoors – travelling/camping/adventuring -, feminism, and a vast range of other things from peanut butter (I think my blood is partially PB at this point) to the colour purple and overalls. Oh and SPACE – planets, moons, aliens, asteroids, galaxies!? *faints*.

It’s difficult to sum up oneself in just a few words or a paragraph but hopefully this gives you some insight into who the heck is behind the posts on here!